Recent Placements

Chief Compliance Officer-Mortgage
Louisville, KY
SVP, National Operations Manager, National Mortgage Lender
Sacramento, California
Chief Financial Officer-National Mortgage Lender
General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer-Regional Mortgage Lender
Bellevue, WA
Underwriter-Non Conforming, National Mortgage Lender
Northern California
Mortgage Funder
Sacramento, CA
Chief Compliance Officer-National Mortgage Lender
Northern, CA
Director Of Credit-National Mortgage Lender
Scottsdale, AZ
SVP, Commercial Lender
El Paso, Texas
VP, Commercial Lender
Carlsbad, NM
Sr. Compliance Manager-Regional Mortgage Lender
Westlake Village, CA
Vice President of Operations-Regional Mortgage Lender
Rancho Cordova, California
Branch Manager-Regional Mortgage Lender
Roseville, CA
SVP Capital Markets- Regional Mortgage Lender
Lancaster, PA
Compliance Officer, Regional Mortgage Banker
Sacramento, California
Closing Manager,National Mortgage Lender (retail)
Tampa, Florida
Non Conforming Underwriting Manager, National Mortgage Lender (retail/correspondent/wholesale)
Orange County, CA
Senior Underwriter-DE/SAR/LAPP
Phoenix, AZ
MBS Trader, Regional Mortgage Lender
Scottsdale, Arizona
Chief Compliance Officer, National Mortgage Lender
Folsom, California
Compliance Monitoring Manager, National Mortgage Lender
Clearwater, Florida
Senior Underwriter DE/LAPP/SAR
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Chief Compliance Officer, Regional Mortgage Lender
Scottsdale, AZ
Senior Mortgage Loan Underwriter, Regional Mortgage Lender
Santa Rosa, California
Secondary Marketing Manager, Regional Mortgage Lender
St. Louis, MO
VP/ Chief Compliance Officer, Regional Mortgage Lender
Bellevue, WA
Chief Information Officer - Regional Mortgage Lender
Sacramento, CA
DE Underwriter, National Mortgage Lender
Amarillo, Texas
Secondary Marketing Analyst, National Mortgage Lender
Salt Lake City, Utah
Branch Manager, Regional Mortgage Lender
Roseville, California
Sr. Compliance Manager-Regional Mortgage Banker
Westlake Village, California
Mortgage Underwriter- DE
Orange County, CA